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Family links to the collection

Most items were donated to the Marks Hirschfeld Medical Museum by Dr AH (Alex) Marks, Pat Marks’s uncle, who with Dr Conrad Hirschfeld was instrumental in establishing the Museum. A number of items relate to her paternal grandfather, CF Marks.

Dates of donation

The dates of donation are not currently available.

Numbers and types of items

The exact size of the collection is not currently known but is understood to be several hundred items. Most items are medical. Some are listed in the database, but the collection also includes items from Keighly Marks, Pat Marks’s cousin, and from EO (Ted) Marks, her father.

Marks Family Collections

Marks Hirschfeld Medical Museum items

Contact details

The Curator
Marks Hirschfeld Medical Museum
Mayne Medical School,
Herston Rd,
(07) 3365 5423

Link: http://www.uq.edu.au/departments/unit.html?unit=400