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Family links to the collection

The Marks family’s association with the Queensland Art Gallery dates back to the bequest of significant number of items by Edris Marks in 1978, which was followed by donations by Pat Marks, and acquisitions made with the assistance of the estates of Pat and Edris Marks.

Dates of donation

Edris Marks’s bequest was made in 1978, and Pat Marks’s donations in 1982. The Gallery’s acquisitions made with the assistance of Pat and Edris Marks’s estates were completed in 2004 and 2008 respectively.

Numbers and types of items

The Queensland Art Gallery holds 40 items directly donated by members of the Marks family. Edris Marks contributed pottery (porcelain, stoneware) as well as glassware, silver items, and pewter. Pat Marks’s donations included two 1895 watercolours by the architect (and artist) Robin Dods and two 1930s photographs by Rose Simmonds, all in 1982. Items acquired with assistance from Pat Marks’s estate include four important oils on cardboard of Brisbane scenes by Walter Jenner, all from 1894, acquired in 2004. An original DVD by artist Tony Schwensen was acquired with support from Edris Marks’s estate in 2008.

Notable items

The following items give a sense of the nature of the collection.

Marks Family Collections

Queensland Art Gallery items

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