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Marks Insect Collection, Entomology collection, Queensland Museum

Family links to the collection

The collection all relates to the scientific career of EN (Pat) Marks, including her initial work as a Graduate Research Assistant on a grant with the new Mosquito Control Committee, established by the Government in 1943; her later work with the Entomology Department of the University of Queensland; with the Mosquito Control Committee (1951–1973); and then under the auspices of the Queensland Institute of Medical Research until her retirement in 1983.

Specimen drawer, School of Biology, UQ
Specimen drawer
Image courtesy of the School of Biology, University of Queensland

Dates of donation

The collection has been part of the Entomology collection at the Queensland Museum since its transfer from the University of Queensland School of Biology Insect Collection in 2011.

Numbers and types of items

The key items in the collection are the 34 (of 38) holotypes of mosquitoes discovered and named by Pat Marks during her long career. These are supported by 10,000 or so other specimens, seven cabinets of other slides (including dissections and larval skins), as well as 16 of her notebooks recording details of her collecting trips, and bound reprints of her publications.

The collection reflects her collecting activities not only in Queensland and other parts of Australia but also in New Guinea, both in what was Australian New Guinea (now Papua New Guinea) and what was Dutch East New Guinea (now Irian Jaya).

The 35,000 mosquito component of the University’s insect collection was sorted, re-pinned, relabelled and recorded on a database through a donation of $35,000 by Pat Marks in 1998.

Notable items

Items within the collection include:

Marks Family Collections

Marks Insect Collection, Entomology collection, Queensland Museum

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