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Photograph of Dr Charles Marks
Photograph of Dr Charles Marks
Image courtesy of the State Library of Queensland

The State Library of Queensland has held limited numbers of items relating to the Marks family since the 1980s, as well as publications including Pat Marks’s self-published autobiography (completed with Kathleen Cummins), Mosquitoes and memories (2004), many of her other publications and those of other members of the family, including her father EO (“Ted”) Marks and CF Marks.

More recently, the Marks family donated the Marks Family Papers (Acc 27331) to the Library and agreed to fund a project to process this collection into the Library to ensure that it would become available at the earliest opportunity. The collection is extensive and valuable. It includes a wide range of family correspondence from 1900 to the 1990s; c.170 diaries kept by E.R.B. (Nesta) Marks, E.O.Drury and E.N. (Patricia) Marks through the twentieth century; a quantity of other papers; and a large collection of photographs, beginning in the 1860s. Taken together, it represents a substantial set of records of the family and a backdrop to the other Marks collections as well as a significant resource on the history of Brisbane.

The work of processing the Marks Family Papers into the Library is being carried out by museum consultant Faye Schutt (Crozier Schutt Associates) and conservator Caroline O’Rorke (Conservation Art). Since the work is still underway, the description of its extent, and the listing of its content, are both provisional and will be updated when the work is completed. Here is an initial draft of the description.

Dates of donation

Dates of donation for the original Marks material at the State Library of Queensland are not known. The main body of Marks family papers was donated to the Library in 2010.

Numbers and types of items

Up to 2010, the Marks family collection at the State Library was relatively small, comprising .3 of a meter of photographic slides from Tenterfield Station (1910), four photographs of Dr CF Marks, and a “Geological map of south east Moreton coal measures” (1910), prepared by EO (“Ted”) Marks. Ted Marks was originally trained and employed as a geologist. The preparation of this highly significant map was his first project in his first job, with the Queensland Geological Survey. The collection also includes a photograph by an unknown photographer of the architect Robert Smith (“Robin”) Dods.

Notable items

Notable items from the Marks Family Papers are not yet available for illustration. The following items are from the Library’s earlier holdings:

Marks Family Collections, QUT database

Marks Family Collections items

Marks Family Collections, SLQ Direct catalogue

Marks Family Collections items on the SLQ Direct catalogue
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