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Family links to the collection

The Marks family was closely linked by marriage to the Drury family. Pat Marks’s maternal grandfather was Edward Robert Drury, manager of the Queensland National Bank from its foundation in 1872. His eight children included Pat’s mother Ernestine (“Nesta”). Edward Drury died in 1896.

A decade later, Edward Drury’s widow Barbara (Pat’s maternal grandmother) moved to “Rougham”, in Windsor.

“Rougham” is thought to have been built by Queensland National Bank Inspector William McCullough prior to 1888. Commissioner of Railways John Mathieson owned the house from 1891 and sold it to Nesta’s cousin Victor Drury in 1896.

The house remained with Nesta’s brother Arthur until he died in 1935, passing in accordance with his mother’s will to her other son Bertie, later known as “Merry”, then living in South Africa. Returning to Australia to sell the house, Merry insisted it be sold with all its contents, so that the family had to bid for anything they wished to retain from it – hence the inventory of the house’s contents in the Marks papers. The house was demolished in 1937.

Roughham house photo and sketch, Windsor Historical Society
Roughham house, photo (above), and sketch (below) by E.N. Marks
Image courtesy of the Windsor Historical Society

Dates of donation

The Drury family material was donated by Pat Marks to the Society in the 1990s. The Society itself has gathered material on the “Rougham” property and its subdivision as part of its program of documenting all such subdivisions in the area.


The collection documents “Rougham” as an important house in Windsor, and, through annotations by Pat Marks, the life of the Drury family in it.

Numbers and types of items

The Windsor and District Historical Society’s collection relating to the Marks family is small, amounting to

Notable items

Items of particular interest include photographs of “Rougham” and life in it annotated by Pat Marks.

Marks Family Collections

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