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Mask - Malagan

Mask - Malagan 

Current Location: Queensland Museum - Pacific Anthropology

Description: Vanis type mask used in malagan representing a pig's head, Turbo petholatus opercula eyes. Plaited bush fibres hang from right side of mouth with the head of a hornbill hanging from the pig''s mouth. A sea bird is present in front of pig''s eyes, catching a fish. In total, seven fish encircle the pig head with palm leaf ribs extending out. The top of the pig head is encased with resin and embedded with small sticks. A rattan framework supports the back portion of mask which is made of tapa and resin. Eyes of pig, fish and birds are represented by opercula.

This Vanis type Malagan represents a pig's head, with the head of a hornbill hanging from its mouth. Atop its head is a sea bird which is presented in front of the pig''s eyes, catching a fish. Pig heads are considered an important part in malagan ritual