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Dr CH Marks Rambler Roadster, 1904, now restored, RACQ

Rambler Model G Roadster, 1904 

Type:   Transport

Current Location: RACQ

Period: 1904

Creator: Thomas B Jeffery Motor Co., Kenosha, Wisconsin

Where Made: USA

Description: This is a restored roadster style veteran car, bright red, with a 7 hp, single cylinder motor, and right hand drive. Its chassis number is 4300 and it has a two speed planetary transmission through a chain drive.

The car was ordered by Dr CH Marks through agents Muller, Maclean and Co., New York 9 August 1904. Dr Marks was a foundation member of the RACQ and the car featured in the Club's first run, from Brisbane to Sandgate, in 1905. Dr Marks used the vehicle between 101 Wickham Terrace and the family property at Samford. It was said to have been the first vehicle to scale Brisbane's Edward Street hill, but was replaced by an Argyle in c.1912. The car was retired to Samford where it was used to power milking machines. It was later partly dismantled, but was acquired by veteran car enthusiast Arthur Partington c.1960, and when restoration proved beyond him, sold on to his friend Wal Anderson. The car was restored by 1969 and driven on the 1970 international rally from Sydney to Melbourne. Arthur Partington's son Doug bought the car back in the mid 1970s and drove it in the London to Brighton rally in 1986. The attempted purchase of the car by a UK collector in 1999 triggered its retention in Australia by the Commonwealth Government under the National Cultural Heritage Act and it was purchased instead by the RACQ, its current owners, in 2000.