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Dr EN Marks - Publications on Other Subjects

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No. Author(s) Yr Title
1         Marks, E. N. 1947 Report on an investigation of the sandfly problem at Gladstone District Hospital (January, 1947). Appendix B Ann. Rep. Hlth. Med. Servs. Qd. 1946-47:108-109: Download (PDF, 495KB)
2 Marks, E. N. 1960 A history of the Queensland Philosophical Society and the Royal Society of Queensland from 1859 to 1911. Proc. R. Soc. Qd. 71:17-42: Download (PDF, 2.45MB)
3 Marks, E. N. 1963 The first record of Danaus plexippus L. from Australia J. Ent. Soc. Qd. 2: 8: Download (PDF, 99KB)
4 Marks E. N. 1963 Silvester Diggles - a Queensland naturalist one hundred years ago. Qd. Nat. 17:15-25: Download (PDF, 1.53MB)
5 Marks, E. N. 1963 A moth that feeds on Drosera. Qd. Nat. 17:31: Download (PDF, 373KB)
6 Marks, E. N. 1964 The conservation of living space for native fauna. Proc. R. Soc. Qd. 75:73-79: Download (PDF, 1.25MB)
7 Marks, E. N. 1964

A field naturalist's views on National Parks, pp 1-9 in Five papers delivered at the weekend conference on National parks held at Cunningham's Gap National Park, Australia 27th/28th June 1964. Natnl. Parks Assoc. Qd., Brisbane: Download (PDF, 1.38MB)

8 Marks, E. N. and K. A. W. Williams. 1964

Notes on the fauna of the mountains of south-eastern Queensland, pp 101-106 in Walkers Guide to S. E. Qld's Scenic Rim. Brisbane Bushwalkers Club, Brisbane: Download (PDF, 282KB)

9 Marks, E. N. 1965 Notes on Diggles' "Ornithology of Australia." Qd. Nat. 17:99-102: Download (PDF, 545KB)
10 Marks, E. N. 1965 Gecko and honeyeater. Qd. Nat. 17:114: Download (PDF, 371KB)
11 Marks, E. N. and I. B. Cribb. 1966 Notes on scrub ticks (Ixodes holocyclus) on native fauna in the Samford district. Qd. Nat. 18:16-18: Download (PDF, 257KB)
12 Marks, E. N. 1966 Bora grounds near Tamborine Village. Qd. Nat. 18:31: Download (PDF, 200KB)
13 Marks, E. N. 1967 Commemoration of the Club's first visit to Lamington National Park. Qd. Nat. 18:48-50: Download (PDF, 337KB)
14 Marks, E. N. 1968 The preservation of Samford Bora Grounds. Qd. Nat. 18:107-112. (Reprinted in J. R. Hist. Soc. Qd. 8:568-576, 1969): Download (PDF, 470KB)
15 Marks, E. N. 1968 Miscellaneous animals from Fraser Island. Qd. Nat. 19:9: Download (PDF, 119KB)
16 Marks, E. N. 1968 Parasites of a Grey-headed Albatross from Fraser Island. Qd. Nat. 19:30: Download (PDF, 1.08MB)


Colliver, F. S., M. Hawken and E. N. Marks. 1968 Notes on the Fraser Island aborigines. I. Early encounters with Europeans. Qd. Nat. 19:53-55: Download (PDF, 263KB)
18 Marks, E. N. 1969 The invertebrates, pp 102-114 in Webb, L. J., D. Whitlock and J. LeGay Brereton (eds). The Last of Lands. Jacaranda Press, Brisbane: Download (PDF, 4.21MB)
19 Marks, E. N. 1969 Ticks at Lady Musgrave Island. Qd. Nat. 19:98: Download (PDF, 110KB)
20 Marks, E. N. 1969 Bailey, Frederick Manson (1827-1915). Aust. Diet. Biog. 3:73-74: Download (PDF, 247KB)
21 Marks, E. N. 1969 Cockle, Sir James (1819-1895). Aust. Dict. Biog. 3:435-436: Download (PDF, 245KB)
22 Marks, E. N. 1970 Are Australian insects adapted to bushfires? Aust. Ent. Soc. News Bull. 6:72-73: Download (PDF, 161KB)
23 Marks, E. N. 1971 Australian marine insects. Aust.Nat. Hist. 17:134-138: Download (PDF, 475KB)
24 Marks, E. N. and I. M. Mackerras. 1972 The evolution of a national entomological society in Australia. J. Aust. Ent. Soc. 11:81-90: Download (PDF, 899KB)
25 Marks, E.N. 1972 Obituary-Mabel Josephine Mackerras 1896-1971. proc. R. Soc. Qd. 83:103: Download (PDF, 112KB)
26 Marks, E. N. 1972 Diggles, Silvester (1817-1880). Aust. Diet. Biog. 4:73-74: Download (PDF, 251KB)
27 Mackerras, I. M. and E. N. Marks. 1974 In retrospect: the insects and the entomologists. pp 3-10 in Changing patterns in entomology. Ent. Soc. Qd., Brisbane: Download (PDF, 811KB)
28 Marks, E. N. 1974 The Entomological Society of Queensland's first fifty years, pp 72-75 in Changing patterns in entomology. Ent. Soc. Qd., Brisbane: Download (PDF, 403KB)
29 Marks, E. N. and E. Dahms. 1974 Obiturary - Henry Hacker 1876-1973. Mem. Qd. Museum 17:191-194: Download (PDF, 374KB)
30 Marks, E. N. 1974 Reactions overseas to Australian insect export regulations. Search 5:417: Download (PDF, 170KB)
31 Marks, E. N. 1978 Obituary. Frederick Athol Perkins 1897-1976. Proc. R. Soc. Qd. 89: xix: Download (PDF, 124KB)
32 Marks, E. N. 1978 The changing nature of entomological collections - 6, The Australian insect export legislation. Ent. Scand. 9:172-177.
33 Marks, E. N. 1979 Bancroft, Thomas Lane (1860-1933). Aust. Diet. Biog. 7:164-165: Download (PDF, 246KB)
34 Marks, E. N. 1980 Marine insects collected at Tryon Island. Qd. Nat. 22:140-141: Download (PDF, 154KB)
35 Marks, E. N. 1983 Hamlyn-Harris, Ronald (1874-1953). Aust. Diet. Biog. 9:177-178: Download (PDF, 154KB)
36 Marks, E. N. 1983 Seventy-fifth anniversary address. Seventy-five years of natural history. Qd. Nat. 24:6-28: Download (PDF, 2.75MB)
37 Marks, E. N. 1983

Dramatis personae - an anecdotal account of some historical figures. pp 1-19 in Highley, E. and R. W. Taylor (eds). Australian systematic entomology: a bicentenary perspective. CSIRO, Melbourne: Download (PDF, 1.41MB)

38 Marks, E. N. 1984

Diggles, Silvester (1817-1880). pp 203-204 in Kerr, J. D. (ed.) Dictionary of Australian Artists. Working Paper Painters, photographers and engravers, 1770-1870 A-H. Power Inst. Fine Arts, Sydney: Download (PDF, 182KB)

39 Marks, E. N. (ed. & contributor). 1984 Samford Reminiscences. Vol 1. Samford and Districts Historical Museum Committee: Download (PDF, 2.4MB)
40 Marks, E. N. (ed. & contributor). 1986 Samford Reminiscences. Vol 2. Samford and Districts Historical Museum Committee.
41 Marks, E. N. (ed. & contributor). 1995 Samford Reminiscences. Vol 3. Samford and Districts Historical Museum Committee: Download (PDF, 2.8MB)
42 Marks, E. N. (ed. & contributor). 1999 Samford Reminiscences. Vol 4. Samford and Districts Historical Museum Committee.
43 Marks, E. N. and Cummins, K.C. 2004 Mosquitoes and Memories: Recollections of 'Patricia' Marks, National Library of Australia, Australia: Download


Source: Marks E N and Cummins K C (2004) Mosquitoes and Memories: Recollections of “Patricia” Marks, Australia.

Permission granted for display of Samford Reminiscences. Vol 1. and 3 from the Samford District Historical Museum Society. For copies of the Samford Reminiscences, please contact the Museum directly on 07 3289 2743 or email museum@samford.net