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Dr EO Marks - Publications on Other Subjects

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No. Author(s) Yr Title
1         Marks, E. O. 1910

The Coal Measures of South-East Moreton. Publ. Geol. Surv. Qd. 225:1-58; pl. 1-5, 1 fig; 2 maps, sections. Also in Qd Govt. Mining J. 11:10-21, 64-77: Download (PDF, 3.22MB)

2 Marks, E. O. 1910

Coal near Brisbane. Summary of Prospecting Work to date. Qd Govt. Mining J. 11:173: Download (PDF, 347KB)

3 Marks, E. O. 1910

Coal, Gravel, and Water, East Moreton: Memo re possibilities of Coal Measures being discovered by boring at Grassdale. Qd Govt. Mining J. 11:285.

4 Marks E. O. 1910

The Durham Consols, Etheridge. Qd Govt. Mining J. 11:604: Download (PDF, 508KB)

5 Marks, E. O. 1911

The Oaks and Eastern Portion of the Etheridge Goldfields. Publ. Geol. Surv. Qd, 234:1-30, pls 1-12, 3 maps. Also Qd Govt. Mining J. 12:9-18: Download (PDF, 2.05MB)

6 Marks, E. O. 1911-12

Bompa Silver-Lead Mines. Qd Govt. Mining J. 12:405. 13: Download (PDF, 479KB)

7 Marks, E. O. 1911

Coal near Chinchilla. Publ. Geol. Surv. Qd 235:14-17, Also 1910, Qd Govt. Mining J. 11:286: Download (PDF, 703KB)

8 Marks, E. O. 1911

Coal with Glossopteris Flora, near Hughenden. Publ. Geol. Surv. Qd 235:18-20: Download (PDF, 2.56MB)

9 Marks, E. O. 1911

Carbonaceous Glossopteris-bearing Strata. near Pentland. Publ. Geol. Surv. Qd 235:21-22. Also 1910 Qd Govt. Mining J. 11:179-180: Download (PDF, 496KB)

10 Marks, E. O. 1911

Gold on Mount Emu Plains Station, Hughenden District. Publ. Geol. urv. Qd 235:23-28. Also 1910, Qd Govt. Mining J. 11:135-137: Download (PDF, 0.97MB)

11 Marks, E. O. 1911

Prospecting on Cape River Goldfield. Publ. Geol. Surv. Qd 235: 34-37: Download (PDF, 729KB)

12 Marks, E. O. 1912

Notes on the Geological Age of Volcanic Activity in South-east Queensland. Proc. roy. Soc. Qd 23:139-148: Download (PDF, 815KB)

13 Marks, E. O. 1912

Prospects of Coal at Esk. Qd Govt. Mining J. 13:322-3: Download (PDF, 359KB)

14 Marks, E. O. 1912

Tannymorel Coal Mine. Qd Govt. Mining J. 13:485-7: Download (PDF, 436KB)

15 Marks, E. O. 1912

Tin Discoveries at Redrock, near Ballandean, Stanthorpe District. Qd Govt. Mining J. 13:538-541: Download (PDF, 575KB)

16 Marks, E. O. 1913

Notes on portion of the Burdekin Valley. With some queries as to the universal applicability of certain physiographical theories. Proc. roy. Soc. Qd 24:93-102, pls 6-9: Download (PDF, 1.51MB)


Marks, E. O. 1913

Outside Mines of Charters Towers Goldfield. Publ. Geol. Surv. Qd 238:1-21, 9 pls, 1 map: Download (PDF, 2.05MB)

18 Marks, E. O. 1913

Charters Towers Deep-sinking Proposal. Qd Govt. Mining J. 14:408-411 and Frontispiece, opp. p. 403: Download (PDF, 735KB)

19 Marks, E. O. 1913

Kangaroo Hills. Qd Govt. Mining J. 14:60-62: Download (PDF, 1.21MB)

20 Marks, E. O. 1914

A mining Model. Instit. Mining Metallurgy, London. 1-3, pl. 1.

21 Marks, E. O. 1922

Contributions to the Geology of Ipswich. Qd Govt. Mining J. 23:478: Download (PDF, 186KB)

22 Marks, E. O. 1923

Contributions to the geology of Ipswich. Qd Govt. Mining J. 24:208-209. 422-423: Download (PDF, 592KB)

23 Marks, E. O. 1924

A few notes on the Geology and Physiography of Moreton Island. Qd Naturalist 4:92-93: Download (PDF, 198KB)

24 Marks, E. O. 1924

Geological Notes taken on the Enoggera Excursion. Qd Naturalist 4:106: Download (PDF, 121KB)

25 Marks, E. O. 1925

Presidential Address: Some doubts in Queensland Physiography. Proc. roy. Soc. Qd 36:1-18.

26 Marks, E. O. 1926

Geological Notes on the Easter Excursion. Qd Naturlist 5:91-93: Download (PDF, 535KB)

27 Marks, E. O. 1927

Presidential address: some doubts in Qld physiography, 36:1-18.

28 Marks, E. O. 1927

Presidentail address: Streams and their Past. Qd Naturalist 6:24-33: Download (PDF, 944KB)

29 Marks, E. O. 1928

Reports on the Easter Excursion to Canungra, April 6-10, 1928 (b) Geological Notes. Qd Naturalist 6:73-75: Download (PDF, 813KB)

30 Marks, E. O. 1929

Excursion to Candle Mountain, May 4th-6th, 1929. Geological Notes. Qd Naturalist 7:27-29: Download (PDF, 219KB)

31 Marks, E. O. 1931

The physiographical Significance and Non-migration of Divides. Proc. roy. Soc. Qd 42:52-61, 2 maps: Download (PDF, 816KB)

32 Marks, E. O. 1933

Some observations on the Physiography of the Brisbane River and neighbouring watersheds. Proc. roy. Soc. Qd 44:132-150, map: Download (PDF, 1.92MB)

33 Marks, E. O. 1934

Excursion to Mt Edwards, Easter, 1934. Geological Notes. Qd Naturalist 9:34-36: Download (PDF, 321KB)

34 Marks, E. O. 1935

Notes made on Easter Excursion, Queensland Naturalist Club, 1935. Geology of the Upper Nerang Valley. Qd Naturalist 9:78-82: Download (PDF, 421KB)

35 Marks, E. O. 1936

Excursion to Upper Albert River, Easter, 1936. Geological Notes. Qd Naturalist 10:5-7: Download (PDF, 280KB)

36 Marks, E. O. 1939

Easter Excursion, 1939, to Upper Albert River and National Park. Qd Naturalist 11:45-46: Download (PDF, 500KB)

37 Marks, E. O. 1943

Presidential Address: Excursions in Local Geological History. Qd Naturalist 12: 70-77: Download (PDF, 611KB)

38 Marks, E. O. 1962

Five Past Presidents of the Queensland Naturalists' Club. Photograp of G. H. Barker, E. O. Marks, C. T. White, D. A. Herbert and J. E. Young. Qd Naturalist 16:93: Download (PDF, 4.13MB)

39 Marks, E. O. 1964

Review-Geological Excursions in South-east Queensland. By N.C. Stevens. Qd Naturalist 17:114-5: Download (PDF, 173KB)

40 Marks, E. O. 1968

Amusing Incidents associated with some early Club Members. (Includes geologists S. B. J. Skertchley, H. Longman, J. Shirley). Qd Naturalist 18:92-96: Download (PDF, 432KB)