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Dr EO Marks - Publications on Ophthalmology

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No. Author(s) Yr Title
1         Marks, E. O. 1919

A direct-reading Localiser for X-Ray Work. Dublin J. Med. Sci. (August): Download (PDF, 823KB)

2 McDowall, V. and Marks, E. O. 1932

"A case of retinal glioma treated by the insertion of radium needles in the orbit". Br. J. Ophthalmol. 16:686-689: Download (PDF, 462KB)

3 Marks, E. O. 1936

Diet and Diseases of the Eye. Med. J. Austral. 1:157-159: Download (PDF, 605KB)

4 Marks, E. O. 1937

The Causes of Blindness in Queensland. Med. J. Austral. 1:789-790: Download (PDF, 460KB)

5 Marks, E. O. 1946

A recording Scotometer. Brit. J. Ophthalmol. (April): Download (PDF, 608KB)

6 Marks, E. O. 1946

The treatment of Trachoma. Brit. J. Ophthalmol. 30:213-215: Download (PDF, 561KB)

7 Marks, E. O. 1946

Twenty five years in Retrospect in Children's Eye work. Med. J. Austral. 2:371-372: Download (PDF, 536KB)

8 Marks, E. O. 1947

Pigmentary Abnormality in Children congenitally Deaf following German Measles. Trans. Ophthalmol. Soc Austral. 6:123: Download (PDF, 428KB)