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Data policy and resources

What data is available?

Map of Samford with colours defining landuse types

Through the efforts of staff members, students and researchers, a variety of data relating to the Facility are collected, maintained and made available to interested parties. Databases include vertebrate, invertebrate, plants and incidental species. The Facility also maintains collections of aerial photos and spatial data (GIS/GPS) for mapping and analysis purposes. Visit Data Resources for the complete list of available research results.

Who can use the data?

SERF data holdings are available to professional researchers, students, interested individuals, institutions and organisations that reflect SERF’s principal to minimise ecological disturbance while contributing to the environmental sustainability of the Samford Valley.

How is data accessed?

Aerial view of SERF property displaying plans to deal with the threat of a bushfire

Most of the data is available online, although some data sets may need to be copied to CD/DVD ROM.

Data associated with the various research projects at SERF are the property of the Chief Researchers (CR) for those projects. This data is only available for analysis and/or publication with the permission of the owner who can be contacted through IFE.